An interaction with Indian Cricket Twitter’s poster boy – Johns 

Johns (Credits: CricCrazyJohns)
Johns (Credits: CricCrazyJohns)

‘With recognition comes responsibility & scrutiny.’ This is what’s happening with Indian Cricket Twitter’s one of the most known faces or rather say, the Poster boy, Johns. Everyone who tweets about cricket knows him for his daily, rather hourly updates on this beautiful game.

Not just Indian cricket, he collects news about all the cricketing nations around the world & posts it at the earliest on his Twitter handle, ‘CricCrazyJohns’. One might ask, what’s special in this? I’d say, the passion. The passion to let the masses know of the whatabouts of what’s  happening around the cricketing world. I believe people follow him & show their support for this very reason. They get informed & become aware. They can search it for themselves but who wouldn’t want quick & short updates within seconds. This is what makes Johns special.

Here he is, the man himself answering a few questions on his future, criticism, cricketer he wants to meet, most cherished moments & what he wouldn’t want on Cricket Twitter.

Firstly, A big thank you for doing this Johns. My first question.. Am I speaking to one of the most known faces on ICT (Indian cricket Twitter) or the Johns people do not know? 

I am literally nothing but a cricket fan, I used to copy news from websites which anyone can do if they have free time. 

So apart from giving out info about cricket & other sports, what are you upto in life?

As of now, there is nothing other than cricket, doing few courses for my future studies. That’s all.

When did you first start watching cricket & when did it make you go crazy ?

I started back around 2004, turned into mad guy around 2006-07. 

Joining Twitter, when did you start giving out cricket news from different sources?

Around 2017, I started giving updates but it all started from Facebook in 2014.

When did that following come in? You’ve got 75k+ followers.. How does it feel? Does it make any difference to you?

Sometimes I feel the pressure, what others think, will they say negative things to me, so I used to be careful of each and everyone. Due to this, I can’t be open as well. I miss my version of 2016-17.

How do you feel when top-tier journos like Boria Majumdar invite you to their shows?

It was amazing. I have seen him in TV shows before the mobile phone era and after a decade, sitting with him was a great moment. 

How do you handle the criticism & negativity on Twitter ?

First, it was tough but now I don’t mind it. I Just move away from negatives as there are lots of positives. 

What are your top 3 moments across sports that you would cherish for life ?

It would be the 2011 WC, 2007 T20 WC & 2018 IPL. 

If you had to meet a cricketer in real life, who would that be?

MS Dhoni

Which are the Top-2 sports that you follow?

Cricket & Football

If you had to change one thing on Cricket Twitter what would that be?

Fake accounts

Any message that you would like to give your followers?

Thank you for supporting me, hopefully I can continue for a few more years as well as there is an end to everything.

It was our pleasure interviewing Johns. Cricmaze wish him well in his future endeavors.

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