Arvind Krishnan’s meeting with Chris Jordan

Alright so as Chris Jordan was celebrating his birthday last week and also happened to finally get a game for the Punjab Kings, let me tell you all what happened when I managed to meet him. So it was back in 2018 and I had happened to meet him on the day of the IPL 2018 finals itself. So I happened to be in a conversation with Carlos Brathwaite. While speaking to him, I saw a rather familiar face walk across me. It was none other than Chris Jordan.

On asking Brathwaite if it was Jordan he nodded his head and said yes. The thing is Chris Jordan and Carlos Brathwaite were playing for the Sunrisers Hyderabad in that season. Thus, after thanking Brathwaite for his time, I went towards the English pacer. He seemed all dressed and with the casuals, it seemed as if he was going for an informal meet. However I didn’t bother asking him as it was none of my concern.

On speaking to him, I realized that he was a very chilled out guy and had a cool style. We spoke for about 5 minutes and I tried to keep it as brief as possible. He asked me my name and asked me what I was studying. After that, I asked him for a photo and he happily obliged. He was with his shades and cap in the picture as well and that made him look even cooler.

Before he left I wished him best of luck for the game. He smiled and said “Thanks mate.” Although I did know that he wouldn’t feature in the XI owing to SRH’s  combination, the least I could do is wish him luck. It was so nice to see him speak so calmly without an iota of attitude.

As an admirer of the sport myself, I’ve always had a soft corner for death bowlers as I feel that bowling the penultimate overs is one of the most difficult jobs. I’ve also been under the opinion that he’s unarguably one of the best death bowlers in the shortest format of the game as well as one of the most valuable players for England. It is really shocking that the Punjab Kings gave him just one game in their XI during the second phase of IPL 2021. Nevertheless, it was an absolute pleasure meeting the talented athlete and here’s hoping he has a good T20 WC.

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