Arvind Krishnan’s meeting with Faf du Plessis

Pic Credits: Arvind Krishnan Twitter
Pic Credits: Arvind Krishnan Twitter

Well it was back in summer 2017. I had got done with my exams and happened to be free. It was then when I happened to meet Stephen Fleming on April 24 2017 as he was in Mumbai during the 10th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). RPS were all set to play against MI in Mumbai and thus, both the teams were in Mumbai.

I happened to meet Fleming sir owing to my past meetings with him back in 2016. As he happened to remember me, we started to talk. After a few minutes, Faf du Plessis, the then captain of the Proteas, walked in. I was shocked to see him as he happens to be one of my favourite players and I badly wanted to meet him.

On seeing the fanboy within me, Fleming sir was like “Say no more” and called Faf and told him something on the lines of “Faf meet my little buddy, he’s your big fan” to which Faf calmly walked towards me and asked “Hey kid, what’s your name?” It took me a couple of minutes to sink in everything that happened in the last two minutes. I then started telling him how big a fan I was and how I started following him after his hundred against Australia at Adelaide and his stint with CSK in 2012. On seeing my enthusiasm Faf was like “Haha calm down calm down, you’ll get a heart attack” to which I nervously laughed. He then asked me about my whereabouts and what I’m studying. After a good 5-10 minutes of talk regarding cricket, we clicked a few pictures and he was sweet enough to ask me if I wanted anything else, like an autograph or something. However as I’m not into collecting autographs and generally don’t collect them I told him “Who needs an autograph when I get to speak to you?”

I was absolutely touched with his humility as it was surprising to see an absolute legend of the game behave in such a down to earth manner. Having said this, he gave me a lot of fitness goals and on seeing him, I decided that I’m going to get ripped like him sometime in the near future (That’s a separate story that this didn’t happen and I’m not too health conscious but yeah :P) I couldn’t thank Fleming sir enough as it was him who made me meet one of my heroes.

As an Aussie fan Faf has given me a lot of sleepless nights as he keeps scoring runs against Australia and torments them but as a genuine and true cricket fan, I always liked him and even today, he happens to be one of my favorites. Thus, among a few famous people I’ve met, meeting Faf was one of the most memorable interactions.

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