Arvind Krishnan’s meeting with Ramiz Raja

Well since Ramiz Raja was recently appointed as the new PCB chairman and there’s been a lot of talk about him, his board and a few teams refusing to go to Pakistan to play…..Let me tell you what happened when I happened to meet Ramiz Raja a few years ago. This way back in 2016 and back then I had a pretty chilled life as I was still in junior college.

So Ramiz sir was here during the IPL 2016 and was doing a really good job. When I met him I was shocked to see him as I wasn’t expecting to meet him that day. When he walked in, he was on his phone and it looked as if he was on an important call. I really didn’t want to disturb him as it would have been very rude.

However, after a couple of minutes, he finished his call and put his phone down. That’s when I decided to go and speak to him and did the same. However, Ramiz sir had to take another call so he politely told me “Bas 2 minute haa I’ll come back to you.” I was sure that he’d do the same and patiently waited for a minute. The second he completed his second call he himself came to me and casually started speaking to me. He then said “I’m really sorry to keep you waiting, it was something urgent.” The fact that he was being so modest really touched me. I then told him “No sir, that’s absolutely fine and in fact, I should apologize to have disturbed you.” He then laughed and said “Haha nothing like that.” I then told him how big a cricket fan I was and also told him how big a fan I was of his commentary. The former Pakistani cricketer was absolutely spellbound and thanked me for the support. I then asked him for a picture and he was like “Aray sure sure why not.”

After clicking the picture he asked me what I’m doing right now and what are my future plans. After a semi-lengthy discussion I told him how I’ve been following his cricket and commentary career and that managed to absolutely touch him. This was one of the most memorable experiences I had meeting a former cricketer as I wasn’t expecting Ramiz sir to interact with me in such an informal manner.

The fact that he himself came to speak to me after completing his call was an icing over the cake. It ain’t because I met him but I’d still say that him being appointed as the new PCB chairman was a good move and I’m sure he’ll do a good job. Regarding the current situation over there, it does get disheartening to see that as a cricket fan but at the end of the day, we can’t do anything about it. Nevertheless, meeting Ramiz Raja was an absolute honour and here’s wishing him best of luck for all his future endeavors.

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