In candid conversation with the biggest Quinton de Kock fangirl – Sabeeha Majid


Sabeeha Majid Twitter (Credits: SabeehaMajid)
Sabeeha Majid Twitter (Credits: SabeehaMajid)

South Africa has been struggling in International Cricket lately. With not many results in their favour recently, they have faced the wrath of fans.

However, one such fan who has stuck by South Africa’s side through thick and thin is Sabeeha Majid. She is a blogger and her Twitter account is filled with tweets related to the beautiful sport of cricket.

In an interview with Cricmaze, Sabeeha talked about South Africa’s chances in the upcoming ICC events, her claim to fame and much more.

First of all, thank you for giving your valuable time to Cricmaze. To begin with, please tell our viewers when you first connected with cricket?

I’m going to keep this answer simple yet profound. I saw Dale Steyn bowl and I was instantly hooked, cricket became my peace, my escape. 

You have around 6200 followers on Twitter. Do you remember when people first started recognizing you?

Around the time of the 2019 world cup where many people seemed to agree with my takes on the game. I’ve also gained a lot of followers since I started blogging, even though it is something I rarely do.

On your Twitter account there is a video of Quinton De Kock thanking you for supporting him. Can you please share your experience about that?

I’ve never felt my heart race as much as it did in that moment! It was actually a surprise, I had no idea that I’d be receiving a video, I was studying for an exam and all of a sudden I saw that my phone was exploding with notifications, so I decided to check what it was. Really was the most beautiful and pleasant surprise I’ve ever received!

If you were allowed to change the result of a cricket match, which game would it be?

Most definitely the 1999 world cup semi final between Australia and South Africa, simply because I feel that loss continues to haunt us to this day. We were so close, yet so far. We cracked under pressure, and that is something we still continue to do in tournaments. Besides the 1999 semi final, the 2015 semi final against New Zealand was the one that hurt me the most and I would definitely change that result if possible.

Who is your favourite cricketer and which is his/her best innings as per you?

Quinton de Kock. Not necessarily his best innings, rather my favorite innings is Quinny’s maiden ODI century v Pakistan in 2013, and his maiden Test ton v England in 2016. Having followed him since before his Proteas debut, I instantly fell in love with his fearless and aggressive style of playing cricket.

Do you think IPL has shaped Indian cricket for good?

It has definitely had major positive impacts on Indian cricket. Indian youngsters get to play alongside and against some of the best and most experienced Indian and international players, and this can do nothing but good. As a Test purist, I often criticize T20 cricket, but the fact is that we have to appreciate what T20 cricket does for the development of young cricketers.

What are your thoughts on AB de Villiers retiring from International cricket so early?

It wrecked me!!! Retrospectively, I respect his decision and all we can do is be grateful that we were able to witness an absolute genius and gentleman for over a decade. 

If you had to pick one match-winner for South Africa in the T20 World Cup 2021, who would he be?

I’m going to have to say Tabraiz Shamsi, with the world cup being held in the UAE, the conditions will surely suit spin. Shamsi has proven himself as an X-factor player over the past year. 

Who is the best all-format team at present and why?

All teams have their flaws, but the best all-format teams at present have got to be India and New Zealand. Like I said, every team has flaws, but India and New Zealand have certainly been the best competitors across formats for the past year. England follows India and New Zealand. 

Rate South Africa’s chances of winning the coming World Cup from 1-10.

I think we have a 4/10 chance of winning, I am not confident in our batting. However, anything is possible in cricket and so I will keep my fingers crossed. 

Do you remember the first cricket match you witnessed live in the stadium? How was your experience?

The first match I witnessed live was a domestic franchise game which Quinton de Kock played in 🙂 My experience was amazing as I felt ecstasy and peace all at once.

World Test Championship 2021-23, World T20 2021 and ODI World Cup 2023, where do you think South Africa stands in these tournaments?

As a fairly young and inexperienced Test team, I don’t think our chances are great to win the WTC. On the other hand, I am fairly confident about how our ODI team is shaping up, and I reckon we stand a good chance of winning the 2023 world cup if we can sort out our balance. 

Cricmaze thanks Sabeeha for giving us her valuable time and wishes she do well in her future endeavours.

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