In coversation with the celebrity of Cricket Twitter – Arvind Krishnan

Arvind Krishnan Twitter (Credits: ArvindKP24)
Arvind Krishnan Twitter (Credits: ArvindKP24)

In India, cricketers and bollywood stars are treated as demi-gods. Fans leave no stone unturned in clicking pictures with them.

One such name who has managed to get clicked with so many celebrities is Arvind Krishnan. He is a cricket analyst, statistician and writer.

Having himself in the same frame with so many celebrities, Arvind has many interesting stories to share with our readers. He writes a weekly article for Cricmaze, where he shares his experiences of meeting famous personalities.

Arvind took some time out of his busy schedule and talked about many things in an interview with Cricmaze.

First of all, Cricmaze thanks you for accepting our invitation. To begin with, please share your first memory of the beautiful sport.

First things first, the pleasure’s mine! Looking forward to seeing Cricmaze grow as a website. Now coming to your question, my first memory of this amazing sport has to be watching the Ashes in 2005. I was barely 6 at that time and when I saw a young KP play some audacious shots, I instantly developed a liking to cricket. Also back then I wasn’t aware of the greatness and legacy of a few cricketers I saw playing. On asking a few of my friends and family members, I realized how legendary the sport and its ambassadors truly are. Thus, it was the Ashes in 2005 which made me a cricket fan. 

Tell our readers how cricket shaped you as an individual?

Well I guess it would be safe to say that cricket played a huge role in shaping my life as an individual. It was cricket which made me realize that temperament is the key to excellence. Honestly speaking I was a pretty arrogant and cocky kid during my childhood and seeing a few world class cricketers struggle during their worst phase made me realize that even the best of best can struggle in their life and if they can, why couldn’t I? Not only the fear of failure but the nothing to lose mentality I’ve adopted have come from cricket. Last but not the least, the “Proving critics wrong and performing under pressure” is my mantra which was again taken from this lovely sport. Besides, most of the things I’ve done in my life are directly or indirectly linked to cricket.

You have written many pieces on the sport. Please share a few articles you enjoyed writing the most?

Haha it’s really hard to pick a few from more than 400 pieces but if I were to tell the articles I enjoyed writing the most then most of them would have to be either about the IPL or Australian cricket. Back when I was with Cricketkeeda I had written about how Steve Smith should get the captaincy back and I’d still stick to each and every word I wrote in that article. The “Top 10 greatest IPL knocks of all time” is another personal favorite. The birthday tribute articles on Watson and MS Dhoni are good too. Now coming to the more recent articles with CricTracker as I’m now with them I think the “Top 5 best Steve Smith knocks” is really close to my heart. The top 10 myths about IPL, most confusing rules of cricket and the best cricket based movies are personal favorites as well. Last but not the least I had written an article about Faf back in 2019 for another website and made an analogy with him and Batman from “The Dark Knight,” still can’t get over that. 

Your Twitter account is full of pictures with many great personalities. Please share how you got clicked with so many cricketers?

Well I don’t meet great personalities, it’s the great personalities who meet me 😛

Jokes aside when you’re in the field of media you do get to meet a few famous guys someway or the other. Nothing extraordinary or special in that. I’m still making a name for myself.

Any interesting or funny memories of a meeting?

Well I can recall my encounter meeting Ashwin where he spoke to me in Tamil without me even telling him that tamil was my mother tongue. I’m guessing he figured it out on his own. Another funny memory was when I met Brett Lee and he kept pulling my leg in a playful manner (When I told him he was my childhood hero he asked me if I was trying to tell him that he was old or something :p). An interesting one would be me meeting Shikhar Dhawan as I was his huge fan and he was into something else and still took the time to talk to me. Fleming sir was another cricketer who I’ve shared many nice moments with and he had promised to tell KP about me.

Have you ever been awestruck while meeting a cricketer?

Several times, how can I forget the moment when I met Steve Smith as he was my favorite. Wanted to tell him how much I loved him but words couldn’t convey that unfortunately. He is actually one of the nicest cricketers I’ve met. A few other instances were when I met David Miller and Marcus Stoinis and celebrated my 19th Birthday with them. 

What is the next step you are taking in your career? Have you set any goals for the next 5 years?

I generally take one thing at a time and thus, I believe in dealing with current things and planning your future only when the time is ripe. I’m happy with CricTracker at the moment and I’ll be done with my post graduation in a few months so yeah, things are going smoothly. I’m also a guest lecturer and teaching media students so that’s helping me build myself. As a media student, there’s a lot of scope for people like us. 

Indian Test team under Sourav Ganguly or the Indian Test team under Virat Kohli? Which one would you rate higher?

Tough one but I’ll go with the Indian Test team under Virat Kohli. With all due respect to the legend Ganguly and his legendary team, I haven’t seen an Indian team as dominant and ruthless as the current one in the longest format of the game. Despite the absence of Kohli, his team beat Australia in their own den, while Kohli had better bowlers, Ganguly had better batsmen. I’m looking forward to seeing India’s performance in South Africa as well as the final Test in England. As a neutral bloke, The current Test team is the best India have ever had. 

Any cricketer whom you consider a role model?

Steve Smith and KP 

Fans have different views on Ravichandran Ashwin not finding a place in India’s Test XI. What is your take on this?

No matter how good your team is, you just can’t make the greatest spinner this era warm the bench. Ashwin is one of the greatest bowling all-rounders of all time and him not getting a game is absurd to say the least. I do understand the fact that India won without him and need to maintain the team balance but players like Ashwin just cannot be treated as casualties. I’d like to see him either in place of Rahane or instead of Jadeja. Honestly speaking, it’d be better if Ashwin and Jadeja play together. You can always remove a pacer or Rahane and get him in the playing XI. 

Who do you think can be the X factor for India in the T20 World Cup 2021?

KL Rahul, I ain’t saying Kohli or Bumrah because their abilities are well known. Although KL Rahul has already established himself as a world class T20I player I still feel his best is yet to come and his abilities to rotate the strike and play the big shots towards the end is ideal in the UAE. This would give Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli the license to go big from ball one. If Kohli wants to be the anchor, then KLR can pretty well be the aggressor.

Your top 4 teams for the coming T20 World Cup?

India, England, West Indies and Australia 

Thank you! Arvind for giving your valuable time to us. Cricmaze wishes you well in your future endeavours.

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