Rohit Sharma – The Key for Team India

Rohit Sharma’s nowhere-going test career found a chance to get back on track after he was instated as an opener in the longest format of the game. And like he does with loose deliveries, Rohit didn’t miss on capitalising on those chances and quickly became a sure starter in the Test XI as well.

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Rohit’s dominance and consistency while opening was one of the prime reasons behind India’s success in the inaugural World Test Championship, which they eventually finished as the runner-up.

Roles to play in England

Rohit will be playing a key role for Team India in the England tour. His seniority as an opener combined with his experience as a leader will serve as an important combo in the marquee 5 match series.

Openers’ inability to convert the start into a significant score was one of the bigger reasons behind 2018’s test series loss. But with the addition of Rohit this time around, the team management has tried to solve the opening woes to some effect.

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Rohit, who is known for some big, daddy hundreds in the limited-overs games, will try to extend his legacy in the tests as well. Trolled more than often for his test century drought outside India, Rohit will also like to shut the mouths of his critics by ending the drought, which at the end of the day will be very very beneficial for Team India.

What sets Rohit apart from other Indian openers is the way he lets his innings progress. A careful starter in the initial overs, his ability to see off the new ball without being too greedy, is a thing India would be relying on to avoid early wickets.

Next comes his leadership qualities and experience, which he gained while leading the most successful team in the IPL to 5 title wins. His on-field insights can come in handy for the skipper, Virat Kohli in a tricky situation.

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Winning the Test series against England in their home grounds won’t be a cakewalk, but to better their chances, fans and the team itself would want Rohit the opener and Rohit the leader to be in nice touch.

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