The Rise of Ruturaj Gaikwad

Ruturaj Gaikwad (Image source: Twitter)
Ruturaj Gaikwad (Image source: Twitter)

One of the current sensations of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Ruturaj Dashrat Gaikwad, the young gun part of MS Dhoni’s brigade Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has taken the tournament by storm since his entry during last season of the league.

He has come a long way from scoring a golden duck against Rajasthan Royals (RR) on his IPL debut to ironically scoring his maiden IPL century against the same opposition. Let’s have a sneak peek at his IPL career and see how he has grown from strength to strength in his short IPL stint.

Ruturaj has scored 725 runs at a strike rate of 130.4 in 19 innings so far with an average of 48.33 per innings. His boundary percentage is staggering 60.7%, which indicates that most of his runs have come in boundaries either 4’s or 6’s (440 of 725 runs scored) and also his dot ball percentage stands at 37.95% indicating that he is not only good striker of the ball but also rotates the strikes well, utilizing and scoring in 62% balls of the total balls faced.

Performance Stats broken down year wise

The above visualizations show an upward growth in his performance metrics except average which came down a bit in this edition but this could be due to the low (six) matches he played during the 2020 edition but still maintaining a healthy average of 47.4 per inning.

Phase wise analysis of Ruturaj’s performance

Drilling down further to analyse his performance in different phases of the game we can observe an uptick in his performance. Based on the stats, we can observe two trends.

First being that there is an increase in the number of runs scored and his strike rate from year to year which show his maturity and how well he has progressed as a player.

Second being his strike rate which increases as the game progresses. In this edition of IPL he has scored at a S/R of 105.88 during powerplay, with 154.79 during the middle overs and at a whopping strike rate of 239.4 during the death overs.

His induction came as a fresh breath of air for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) fondly called as the “Dad’s Army” due to it’s composition and heavy reliance on aged and senior players. Hope he becomes the future of CSK and carries the franchise’s legacy and mantle forward.

All in all, he has scored 521 runs in 13 innings in this 2021 edition and standing second on the list of most runs scored and definitely one of the contenders for “Emerging Player” award. Out of his total tally of 725 runs he has scored 529 runs in Dubai and with the T20 World Cup round the corner to be held in UAE did we miss a trick by not including him in the national squad? We’ll have to see.

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