Virat Kohli in England – A tale of comeback after setback

Virat Kohli and Indian cricket are the synonyms of each other. Termed as the greatest batsman of the current generation, Kohli has left no stone unturned in taking India cricket to the greatest height. Be it as a captain or a batsman, Kohli lives upto the meaning of his name ‘Virat’ as the cricketer has already left a huge legacy in the cricket’s history.

From Australia to South Africa, Kohli has dominated every land. The current Indian captain has filled his career with great feats and added numerous batting records to his name. However, the journey was not always smooth. The horrific test series against England in 2014 is still fresh in his memory. But, encountering many obstacles on his way, Kohli is what he is today. He never looked back and always found out ways to roar back to form.

Now, again a grand challenge in the form of England awaits him as the leader will step his foot on the English soil, come August 4. Kohli successfully left the ghosts of 2014 behind him as he showed the world he is capable enough to bat in England in the test series held in 2018. Saying that, Kohli’s form in the coming series will certainly have a huge impact on India’s chances.

The Setback

The test series against England in 2014  was the one to forget for the Indian fans. After gaining a 1-0 lead after the second test match, India expected to end the 7 years long test series-win drought in England. But, there were other plans in the making as the visitors put on a disappointing show in the remaining games. An underwhelming performance with the bat followed by a poor bowling effort, the story once seemed never-ending.

However, the biggest underperformer was Virat Kohli. Having scores 1, 8, 25, 0, 39, 28, 0, 7, 6 and 20 in five Tests, Kohli’s performance garnered criticism from every part of India. 134 runs in 5 test matches is not an achievement. And coming from a batsman whose name is Virat Kohli is definitely news. As revealed by the man himself, he battled depression after that horrid show.

The Comeback

Soon after the forgetful England campaign, Kohli along with the Indian team marched to Australia. Many eyeballs were hovering over India’s great and so much pressure was on the young man’s shoulders. But he did not bow down to that and smashed as many as 692 runs in 8 innings at an average of 86.5, including four hundreds and one fifty.

India lost the series 0-2 but Kohli came out as an invincible force after the series. The result did not go in favour of India but more than that, it led to the birth of an enigma named ‘Virat Kohli.’

Kohli’s performance in the 2018 test series against England

Again, Kohli went into the series with heavy expectations surrounding him. The onus was on the big man to deliver and he did so as well in a grand fashion. The talks of the 2014 test series reached his ears but did not bother him. Kohli smashed 593 runs in the series, scoring 2 centuries and 2 fifty-plus scores in the process.

Although, the series did not end on a positive note. But, it certainly did tell everyone that Kohli has conquered the English frontier.

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